DriveTeam s.r.o.

We are a professional and flexible team, who will take care of carhandling and everything related to it at any type of your event.

– Precision / Stunt driving involved in movies or TV commercials.

– Carhandling and cleaning services for your commercial or private event.

– We are running our own successful sports car rental company TestujKÁ

DriveTeam, s.r.o

Majdalenky 844/7,
63800 Brno – Lesná,
Czech Republic

IČO: 17058643

tel: +420 605 149 737


Carhandling is our core business. We’ve got many years of experience in providing carhandling services. Mostly for photo/video productions, TV commercials, TV shows and World premieres of the new cars in the Czech Republic and all over  Europe.

We can take care of the cars not only in front of the cameras but also the audience. We provide any kind of transport to shooting locations or specific modifications of the cars, according to your requirements as well. We can arrange cleaning and maintenance of the cars during filming, commercial or private events on your request. 

We love cars and we pay all attention to working with them!

Precision/Stunt driving

Precision / Stunt driving is our favourite task. Do you need a car to slide, crash, go fast/slow/elegant or be accurate within centimetres in front of your camera? We can fulfil all of these requirements while keeping your crew and everyone around safe!

We have experience with timing and movement dynamics on different camera types or multiple moving elements in one shot. Our team is mostly made of motorsport experienced people, where precise vehicle control is the key!

We have all the necessary experience, liability insurance and references.

Car rental

We operate our own successful sports car rental business. On the website you can find our products. Our cars can be hired for any type of filming or for commercial and private events. With or without driver.

Our cars are also available for your leisure activities. For rental or test drive options, please visit

Personal transport

We can arrange professional personal transport at your request. We provide you with passenger cars of the higher middle class or minibuses.

We can transport a large group or individuals. Our drivers can be at your disposal. For example, to transport your filming crew or film equipment safely throughout Europe.

We can also transport you to all European airports or any other location.

Contact us via our contact form.


Over the years we have established cooperation with several Czech and German film productions and photographers. Our projects have been realized in several European countries. We also run our own sports car rental company.

M4 Automotive GmbH – filming for Škoda Auto a.s.

Hans-Dieter Seufert – shooting for AutoMotorUndSport

FilmTeam s.r.o. – filming for Škoda Auto a.s.

PINK Productions – carhandling for TV NOVA 

TestujKÁ – carhandling and instructors


Here you can see a few shots of our work, often taken on a mobile phone on the run.